4 March 2021  07.00 pm – 08.30 pm (EEST – Estonian time)

Have you noticed that you have thoughts? Also, do you notice that thoughts have power? What is the force that makes you think and act upon your thoughts?
It is an old saying that thoughts cause words and deeds, while those actions shape our destiny… Are you happy with your destiny or would you want to change it? It seems logical that if you want to change the future, there is no point in continuing to think the same way? But try to think any differently! Not so easy? Thoughts are not solid matter, but have great influence over us, don’t they?

It is said that you are what you think and what you believe in. Your current life reflects the quality of your thoughts. Look around for a moment and reflect on the thoughts that have shaped your current life.
Have you ever thought that you can’t do this or that and have given up based on that? Or have you had periods where you should focus on work, but thoughts revolve around food or sex or something else that won’t allow you to be present at all? Maybe you’ve delved into thoughts and dreams about something beautiful and then discovered that you’ve missed a train or are late for work? Or perhaps you have even thought that the whole life is pointless, and you would like to get away from here? So what is it that’s driving you? Why have we made our thoughts so important?

The list of examples can be long, but have you ever thought that maybe there is a way out of this loop? What if there exists an even greater force, surpassing the power of thought – the power of the spirit!
What is spirit and what is the origin of its power? Does the spirit hold superior power over thought and matter?
In this conversation, Ingvar Villido will help you become aware of your thoughts and their driving force, along with how to discover this inner power to follow through with great changes.

ABOUT the Lecturer

Creator of the Art of Conscious Change course series, founder of Human LLC, teacher of kriya yoga, member of the council and founder of the kriya yoga center Lilleoru. He has developed and taught the application of consciousness since 1992, having as a result of this work, updated the ancient knowledge of kriya yoga to a level that is understandable and practically applicable to all modern people. His lectures and courses have been attended by a total of more than 15,000 people from Estonia and abroad, including representatives of various fields, from students to entrepreneurs and top managers.



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