20 May 2021  07.00 pm – 08.30 pm (EEST – Estonian time)

Do you agree easily or rather get into conflicts? Have you ever wondered why conflicts arise? Is it at all possible to eliminate opposition?

Conflict can be called to be a disagreement or misunderstanding, which results in emotional tension. As a rule, there must be at least two parties for this tension to arise, unless there is an internal conflict, which is also common. When was the last time you doubted yourself? That is this inner tension!

In their life, everyone probably has had a conflict with somebody. It starts from an early age when there is a conflict of interests, needs or values. Surely you can remember a situation from kindergarten when someone stole your toy or broke your castle of sand. Did you fight or sadly admit that you can no longer play with him/her or went to complain about it? Do you remember how you felt?

Conflicts from the sandbox in the kindergarten have transitioned to home, office, and everywhere where you meet partners who instead of working together, will act against each other. Conflicts occur everywhere – no matter where we look. There are tensions, persecution and intolerance between both cultures and nations, colleagues and in family life. Collaboration does not take place, there is no mutual ground even in simple things, all this interferes with life, and let’s be honest, gets on the nerves!

On the one hand, the conflict is about pursuing one’s own interests, and on the other hand, suppressing the other party. You’ve probably also tried to ignore the problem, but then at some point, the anger that has built up explodes regardless.

Discord may develop so far that anger, accusations, insult, contempt and humiliation come into play. Seeing and being with the other becomes so irritating that all relations are cut off. Sometimes lasting for years. Unfortunately, some cases find reconciliation only on the deathbed … if at all.

Do you agree that conflicts are always related to emotional behavior? But have you ever thought that emotions can be released and maybe this can be the path to having no more conflicts?

Can a conflict also be constructive? How often have you met such teams where instead of the culprit people look for a solution and take conscious action? Are you convinced that your truth is the only truth? Are you ready to change?

In this conversation, Ingvar Villido opens up the background of conflicts and points to a completely different solution.

ABOUT the Lecturer

Creator of the Art of Conscious Change course series, founder of Human LLC, teacher of kriya yoga, member of the council and founder of the kriya yoga center Lilleoru. He has developed and taught the application of consciousness since 1992, having as a result of this work, updated the ancient knowledge of kriya yoga to a level that is understandable and practically applicable to all modern people. His lectures and courses have been attended by a total of more than 15,000 people from Estonia and abroad, including representatives of various fields, from students to entrepreneurs and top managers.



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